May 28, 2010

Thurtene Carnival Poster Design

Designed for promotional pamphlet for the 2009 Thurtene Carnival (Held annually at Wash U, Thurtene is the largest and oldest student-run fundraising carnival). The design was also displayed large scale (as shown) at various metro stops in St. Louis to help promote Thurtene to the community.

"Orgasm"- an exploration in color and line.

Acrylic on Wood, approx. 1.5' w by 3.5' l by 3" h

Idan Raichel Concert: Promotional Poster

Spreads from a book project, "Decay: Selected Works by Wendell Berry"

Zoo Cards: Poison Dart Frogs

Icons: The Hippo and The Kimodo

St. Louis Riverfront

November 27, 2009


6' tall by 3' by 3'. Rice Paper, scraps of cloth, tissue and sheets sewn together patchwork style with one corner side open.